Diving Into the Depths of SciComm with Melissa C. Márquez

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We chat with special guest, Melissa C. Márquez, about her research with sharks and her dive into science communication, through the Fins United Initiative and the ConCiencia Azul podcast.

About Our Guest:

Melissa Cristina Márquez is a shark scientist and science communicator extraordinaire. Her background specializes in marine ecology and conservation, with a special focus on sharks and predators of the sea. Her recent TEDx talk, entitled “Sharks & Female Scientists: More Alike than You Think” covers part of her research with sharks, as well as her experiences as a woman in that field. She continues to do outstanding outreach for sharks and women in STEM alike, especially for the Latinx community. Her most recent podcast, ConCiencia Azul, in collaboration with the Speak Up for The Blue podcast is a Spanish-only STEM show interviewing Spanish-speaking scientists in the marine biology world.

Find her on Twitter (@mcmsharksxx) and on her website.

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