Tackling Math Phobia with Saramoira Shields


Do you cringe at the very mention of mathematics? Have you ever thought you might not be "good enough" to do math or science? Special guest Saramoira Shields talks to us about how to tackle our math phobia & realize our own mathematical potential.


Saramoira Shields describes herself as a bit of a generalist. Her background is colorful and diverse, including experience in theoretical mathematics, robotics, engineering, film production, artificial intelligence, and more. Her great passion for STEM has led her to various science outreach events, from NASA socials to online engagement with curious minds. Currently, Saramoira works on spacecraft design over at the Space Systems Design Studio at Cornell University.

Find her on Twitter @mathematigal, her personal website, and blog.


Saramoira's YouTube Video on math phobia (2013)


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