Episode 13 - Science Journalism & Boosting Women's Voices in STEM with Eleanor Cummins

Welcome back! We had the lovely opportunity to chat with science journalist, Eleanor Cummins, about her interdisciplinary work in science and culture. We also chatted about the movement to promote more science communicators who are women, as well as the need to highlight stories written for women and relevant to many women's issues, both of which Eleanor is contributing to by producing the Tie My Tubes podcast and curating the Curie Mag Instagram (@curie_mag) account.


“Eleanor Cummins is a science journalist focusing on urban environment, especially waste and energy. Though formally trained in qualitative research and the anthropology of medicine, she has spent much of her life in newsrooms. She is the producer of podcast miniseries Tie My Tubes and her work can be found in Popular Science, SlateAtlas Obscura, and more recently, Inverse. She is currently enrolled in the graduate Science, Health and Environmental Reporting Program at New York University.”

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