Episode 12 - Biological Design with Alec Sullivan

On this special episode of the podcast, we have an enlightening conversation with friend and colleague, Alec Sullivan, on the nature of biological design. From bioluminescent trees to Amazon's new biodome building, we chat about the spectrum of biological design and the ethical issues that may accompany it. Could biological design truly be biology's "nuclear moment", as Alec calls it? Tune in to find out!

About Our Guest:

Alec Sullivan is a recent graduate of the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Arts in Comparative History of Ideas and a Minor in Global Health. In the three years of his undergraduate career, he has always had an interest for interdisciplinary studies in science and technology, libraries and museums, and publications of knowledge. He has consistently brought this knowledge to a plethora of projects that he has been involved with over the past few years, from his time at an undergraduate neuroscience journal called Grey Matters to his times creating new intersectional publications and writing for various academic groups.

You can find Alec on social media through Twitter (@thealecsully) and on his curated Facebook page, Mish Mash.


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