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Science Journalism & Boosting Women's Voices in STEM with Eleanor Cummins

Welcome back! We had the lovely opportunity to chat with science journalist, Eleanor Cummins, about her interdisciplinary work in science and culture. We also chatted about the movement to promote more science communicators who are women, as well as the need to highlight stories written for women and relevant to many women's issues, both of which Eleanor is contributing to by producing the Tie My Tubes podcast and curating the Curie Mag Instagram (@curie_mag) account.

Episode 2 - Double Jeopardy: Women of Color in STEM

In honor of Black History Month, this episode of the Synapse Science Podcast delves a little into the type of gender and racial biases faced by women of color in STEM fields. We then proceed to geek out a bit about some of the amazing contributions to the STEM fields from scientists who happen to be women of color.