undergraduate research

Episode 3 - Undergraduate Research with Krittika D'Silva & Heena Panjwani

More research! More undergraduates! More guests! In this episode of the Synapse Science podcast, we chat with two amazing undergraduate researchers, Krittika D'Silva & Heena Panjwani, about the work they do in the fields of diagnostic technology and autism, respectively.

Episode 1 - Undergraduate Research with Terence Leach & Elizabeth Chang

Starting off with a special episode of the podcast in an ongoing series dedicated to undergraduate research! In this episode, we sat down and chatted with undergraduates Terence Leach & Elizabeth Chang about their experiences with undergrad research and how their involvement in research has influenced their lives. Both Terence and Elizabeth are also active Undergraduate Research Leaders (URLs) at the Undergraduate Research Program at the University of Washington (UW).