Episode 1 - Undergraduate Research with Terence Leach & Elizabeth Chang

Starting off with a special episode of the podcast in an ongoing series dedicated to undergraduate research! In this episode, we sat down and chatted with undergraduates Terence Leach & Elizabeth Chang about their experiences with undergrad research and how their involvement in research has influenced their lives. Both Terence and Elizabeth are also active Undergraduate Research Leaders (URLs) at the Undergraduate Research Program at the University of Washington (UW).

About Our Guests:

Terence Leach is an undergraduate at the UW studying Ecology, Evolution, & Conservation Biology & Oceanography with a minor in Marine Biology. His research in the Oceanography department explores certain evolutionary relationships of Pseudo-nitzschia, specifically focusing on a neurotoxin that is produced by these organisms.

Elizabeth Chang is an undergraduate at the UW studying Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology & Biochemistry. Her initial experience in undergraduate research was at an academic lab studying certain aspects of pulmonary research. Since then, her research interests have shifted, and she now researches cancer care and technology at a local biotech company.

To read more about their academic backgrounds and their research projects, visit their URL profiles here: http://www.washington.edu/undergradresearch/students/urls/profiles/

To find out more about the URL program and the Undergraduate Research Program, check out their website: http://www.washington.edu/undergradresearch/

*Correction! The deadline to apply for the UW Undergrad Research Symposium is February 23, 2015.

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