Everybody Has A Brain with Alie Caldwell


We chat with special guest, Alie Caldwell, about her fascination with the brain and the cells in it that give rise to her online nickname, Alie Astrocyte. We also chat about Neuro Transmissions (the educational YouTube channel she co-created and runs with her partner, Micah Psych) and why science education & communication are so important to her and other scientists.

About Our Guest:

Alie Caldwell is a PhD candidate at UCSD, studying neuroscience, specifically a type of brain cell called an astrocyte. She goes by Alie Astrocyte on the internet, on places like Twitter and YouTube, where she and her partner Micah co-created and run an educational YouTube channel called Neuro Transmissions. Their channel covers a wide variety of topics, from basic brain questions to complex disorders and even exploring how current neuroscience research might be linked to certain sci-fi phenomena.

Find her on Twitter (@alie_astrocyte) and on her website.

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